Shop Safely! Five Food Safety Tips for the Grocery Store

Food Safety Tips for the Grocery StoreKitchen safety is a top priority and these five food safety tips for the grocery store will help you avoid a kitchen disaster. When you’re doing your shopping there are red flags you should avoid to keep from bringing contaminated foods into your kitchen.

Food Safety Tips for the Grocery Store

1. Don’t buy any food in packaging that is ripped or torn since this could allow bacteria or other foreign substances to penetrate your food.

2. Avoid fruits and vegetables that are bruised, cut or otherwise damaged.

3. Shop for cold foods last so they don’t warm up while you’re shopping for everything else.

4. Leave cracked or soiled eggs at the store. Cracked shells and surface dirt can cause cross contamination.

5. Place raw meat, poultry and seafood in disposable plastic bags to keep their juices from leaking onto other items in your shopping cart. Most grocery stores provide these bags for free.


September is National Food Safety Month. Learn all you need to know to keep your food and kitchen safe!

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