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Clueless about cardamom? Puzzled by poaching? Wondering about whisks? No problem! I’ll clarify it!

Meet Chef Danielle

About Cooking Clarified

I’m Chef Danielle and I’m thrilled to have you join the Cooking Clarified family! I am a personal chef, cooking instructor, food stylist and food writer. My goal  – whether I’m teaching a cooking class, cooking for clients, writing recipes or articles – is to make cooking simple.

My romance with food began in my third grade French class. We were tasked with creating our own cookbook using pictures and recipes clipped from magazines. I’d never seen more beautiful food and my mouth watered at the thought of tasting those dishes. Despite a serious addiction to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that took me years to work out, my interest in great food was peaked. Years later I finally followed my appetite, quit my job and enrolled in culinary school. I opened my personal chef service in 2004, started teaching cooking classes in 2005 and began sharing the tips, tools, techniques and recipes that have helped me become a better, smarter cook at in 2010. When I’m not cooking for clients, I’m blessed to cook and eat adventurously in the DC suburbs with my husband and daughter.

About Cooking Clarified

How can I help?

About Cooking Clarified

I love recipes that are simple, delicious and elegant enough to serve company and I absolutely live for showing cooks how they can produce the dishes they’ve dreamed about making. I want to demystify cooking so even people who claim they can’t boil water feel empowered to get in the kitchen and cook. On you’ll find cooking tips that save you time and help you cook like a pro, explanations of cooking tools you need and how to use them, and the cooking techniques you’ll want to master. You’ll also find tons of delicious recipes!

So if you’re down for great food, dry humor and far too many references to lyrics from music of the 80s and 90s, you’re in the right place! Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and be sure to tag #cookingclarified if you make any of my recipes so I can see it and share!

Happy cooking!!

Chef Danielle

About Chef Danielle

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