Recipe Journals Create a Keepsake for Your Favorite Recipes

You know I am all about sharing tips, tools and techniques and creating recipes and all the things that make cooking simple and fun. I want you to enjoy cooking and eating as much as I do and anything that makes like easier in the kitchen I’m here for 100%. That’s why I created these blank recipe journals!!

Blank Recipe JournalsBlank Recipe Journals

YES, an actual journal with actual paper that you can use an actual pen to write down your favorite recipes! If you’re old school, like me, and like putting pen to paper, a blank recipe journal will be your very best friend in the kitchen as you’re testing and tweaking recipes, especially if you’re courageous enough to freestyle. They’re also a great place to compile your very best, tried-and-true recipes and they make most excellent gifts. Write down all your family favorites and gift them or send blank journals to your foodie friends.

Get Organized!

Growing up, my mom’s recipes were scribbled on bits of paper, torn from magazines and stuffed into a small, wooden box labeled ‘Recipes.” Finding her favorites was both a time-consuming scavenger hunt and a trip down memory lane, each tattered slip of paper a delicious reminder of a good meal with good friends and family. One year for her birthday I compiled all of those recipes so everything was easy to find – no more sifting through an overfilled box or losing precious recipes.

When I made my way to culinary school years later and began my career as a personal chef and cooking instructor, I learned the importance of an organized recipe notebook. Even though most of my recipes are stored digitally, when I cook for my clients my cook dates are made easier when I have a recipe journal of each client’s favorite dishes in the kitchen with me. I’m excited to share that convenience with you!

My recipe journals have space for 100 of your favorite recipes. It includes a recipe index up front where you can list your recipes and the page each one appears on, and 10 sections you can label yourself for easy organization. As a bonus, you’ll also get my chef tips for writing recipes that work! These are the bits of information I learned in culinary school that will change the way you cook for the better.

Pick your favorite or order one of each!

Six Ways to Use Blank Recipe Journals

1. Organize your favorite recipes in one place.

2. A journal filled with family favorites makes an excellent holiday or bridal shower gift.

3. Give a blank recipe journal to the great cooks in your family so they can share their all of their best recipes.

4. Create your very own cookbook with all of your original recipes.

5. Recipe journals make it super simple for family and friends to follow your recipes.

6. For recipe testers, writers and chefs, keep them on hand in the kitchen so you can write down ingredients, measurements and instructions easily as you work.

Choose your favorite cover (insides are all the same) and order yours today! You’ll be creating a keepsake for your favorite recipes in no time!

Here are a few tips to help you write your recipes:  How to Read a Recipe

Blank Recipe Journals Blank Recipe Journals Blank Recipe Journals

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  1. Oh my gosh, my recipes are a MESS, some printed, some handwritten, all jammed into 10 different locations. I need a cooking journal in my life.

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