Three Tips for Keeping Leftovers Safe

Keeping Leftovers Safe

Good morning to everyone except people who don’t like leftovers. I’m just kidding, but seriously? What’s not to love about leftovers? They’re my favorite thing, other than when I eat them the first time. You know, before they’re leftovers.  Anywho, whether your leftovers are from your kitchen or from your favorite restaurant, it’s important to store them properly and quickly to make sure you’re keeping your leftovers safe!

Tips for Keeping Leftovers Safe

1. Place leftover cooked foods in the refrigerator within two hours in clean, covered containers to prevent bacteria growth.

2. Break it down – large amounts of leftovers should be broken down into smaller servings before being stored. Cut large pieces of cooked meat or whole poultry into smaller pieces and divide liquids like soups or stews into smaller portions. The smaller pieces/portions will chill faster.

3. Take-out and doggie bags should also be placed in the fridge within two hours.

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