Keep Clean Up Clean
Food Safety

Three Tips to Keep Clean Up Clean

1. Wash kitchen towels frequently to prevent bacteria build-up. 2. Replace or sanitize sponges frequently, especially after cleaning up after potentially hazardous foods like raw seafood, meat and poultry. Bacteria can multiply on the sponge […]

Keeping leftovers safe
Food Safety

Three Tips for Keeping Leftovers Safe

1. Place leftover cooked foods in the refrigerator within two hours in clean, covered containers to prevent bacteria growth. 2. Break it down – large amounts of leftovers should be broken down into smaller servings […]

Slow cooker food safety tips
Food Safety

Five Slow Cooker Food Safety Tips

Keeping your kitchen safe should be your top priority, especially when you’re using your slow cooker. Here are five tips to help keep your slow cooker meals safe. Slow Cooker Food Safety Tips 1. Remove […]

Food Safety

Three Common Sense Food Safety Tips

Keeping your food and kitchen safe is a top priority! These super simple common sense food safety tips will help you avoid a food safety kitchen disaster. Common Sense Food Safety Tips 1. Wash your […]