How to Make Compound Butter

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Compound butter

Compound butter, or beurre composes if you wanna get French about it, is made by mixing flavorings into softened butter. Compound butter can be used to finish dishes — a pat of blue cheese butter can be placed on a hot steak — or as delicious spreads. You can add herbs, spices or foods like roasted garlic or pureed peppers to create a tasty appetizer. Just add sliced, crusty bread and you’re ready for a party!

Compound butters are also used to add flavor to fish or chicken cooked in parchment paper. Check out my Mahi Mahi with Vegetables & Garlic Chive Butter for a quick weeknight meal.


Let your butter come to room temperature before mixing your compound butter. It’ll be easier to mix.

Melted butter is not the same as softened or room temperature butter. Resist the temptation to pop chilled butter in the microwave.  Melting changes the texture and the taste.


Medium Bowl

Wooden Spoon

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Stir and chill! You got this!

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