Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoonsThere’s a certain charm that comes with leaning over a simmering pot, stirring it tenderly with a wooden spoon. In the days before nearly every kitchen had an electric hand- or stand mixer, wooden spoons were the tool of choice for combining ingredients.

Wooden spoons are great for cooking because they don’t conduct heat, so spoons won’t get hot if left in a pan. It’s better not to because wood can absorb strong smells. Keep your spoons in shape by handwashing them. The high heat from your dishwasher can cause them to crack. Once cracked, it’s time to get a new spoon as bacteria can settle in the crevices and multiply, contaminating everything you stir. Wooden spoons won’t harm the surfaces of your pots and pan. Lightly brush your spoons with mineral oil (oils used for cooking can spoil on the spoon over time) when they start to dull.

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    In my opinion, A wooden spoon is one of several must-have utensils in any kitchen. It can be used to prepare and serve a variety of delicious and healthy meals, and it can be used on nonstick cookware.

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