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How to Hull Strawberries
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I’m not a gadget girl. I don’t have cabinets filled with assorted tools and utensils that seemed necessary, but later ended up unused, gathering dust. However, when I find something truly useful that simplifies a kitchen task, I’m all about it.

I met my new friend, the strawberry huller, while teaching a cooking class at Williams-Sonoma when I needed to hull a bunch of berries quickly. It uses its tiny claw-like edge to scoop out both the leaves and stems of fresh strawberries, in case you’re wondering what it means to hull strawberries. It also cores tomatoes with ease.

I would normally hull strawberries with my paring knife, using its tip to gently cut away the stem and the tough flesh at its base. The strawberry huller completes the task quickly and neatly. It cleanly removes the leaves and the stem, leaving behind a bonus — a perfectly-shaped well in the center of each strawberry ready to be filled.

White Chocolate & Mascarpone-Stuffed Strawberries

And what should we fill our hulled strawberries with, you ask? How about a delectable mix of white chocolate and mascarpone cheese? That’s exactly what I did with these sweet treats and they are divine. Make sure you’re using white chocolate and not white chips or a white chocolate flavored confection that can often be found on grocery store shelves next to the real stuff.

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How to Hull Strawberries TIPS:
Melt white chocolate carefully in a double boiler.

Make sure berries are completely dry before dipping. A wet surface will keep the chocolate from sticking to the strawberrry.

Strawberry Huller or Paring Knife

Medium Bowl

Spatula or Wooden Spoon

Baking Sheet

Pastry bag or Resealable Plastic Bag

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Melting Chocolate

White Chocolate & Mascarpone-Stuffed Strawberries are just the summer dessert you need! Once they're hulled, strawberries make the perfect vessel for filling with this delicious and creamy white chocolate filling. You won't be able to eat just one!

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  1. Hi Chef Danielle, question about aluminum foil per your asparagus recipe. I recently read that foil should not come into direct contact with food. I would be most grateful for your advice.
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