How to Blanch Vegetables

Blanching is the process of partially cooking vegetables by submerging them in rapidly boiling, salted water until they’re crisp-tender — slightly crisp on the outside and tender in the middle. They can be served cold in salads, on a vegetable platter with dip or sautéed until fully cooked and served warm.

Cooking time varies. Carrots, because they’re denser, take longer than green beans or broccoli. When properly blanched, veggies become the brightest shade of their natural color. Broccoli becomes bright green, carrots bright orange, even cauliflower will become  a brighter shade of beige.

Remove the veggies from the boiling water and  put them in a bowl of ice water to stop them from continuing to cook. Don’t leave them in water too long or you’ll lose the brilliant color and they’ll become soft.

Remember to wait for the water to boil before adding your veggies and check them frequently to prevent overcooking.

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