How to Read a Recipe | Recipe-Reading Tips

Recipe reading tips

Learning how to read a recipe is the first and most important step in cooking (this was one of my first posts), especially if you’re preparing something for the first time.

Recipe Reading Tips

A well-written recipe will start with a list of ingredients and end with a list of steps to take to complete the dish. It’s important to pay close attention to the list of ingredients, not just to make sure you have them all, but to also make sure you’re measuring your ingredients accurately.

Pay close attention to the way recipe ingredients are listed. Something as simple as the spot where a comma is placed can completely change the amount you’ll need to prepare your dish. For example, 1 cup chopped nuts is not the same as 1 cup nuts, chopped. The first means measure one cup of nuts that are already chopped. The latter means measure one cup of whole nuts, then chop them.

Recipe reading tips

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