Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa

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Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa

Who else is already over winter? Seriously, can I get a show of frostbitten hands? I know it’s only been a few weeks, but enough already! It’s cold! Too cold! I’ve tried changing my attitude about winter. It’s necessary. It’s beautiful. It’s not working. Summer’s better and I want it back now! In the mean time, I’m keeping warm with a steaming mug of Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa.

Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa

If you visit often, you’ve likely realized I have a thing for boozy food and drinks. (Receipts here and here.) The trend continues with this cocoa. Think hot chocolate with more than a hint of coconut and a glug (or two) of Kahlua. It’ll warm you up inside and out and if you have a Bless Your Heart mug like mine, use it. Southern folk know what Bless Your Heart really means, so bless your frigid heart, Winter!

This hot chocolate is the perfect treat for apres shoveling, apres braving the cold or just apres waking up. We don’t need a reason to drink good things, do we? Make this and snap a shot of you curled up with your Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa then tag me at #cookingclarified so I can see how YOU cocoa! Stay warm, friends!

Coconut Kahlua Hot CocoaTIPS:
Look for refrigerated coconut milk in a carton, not the coconut milk in a can. Canned coconut milk is too thick for this drink.

Swap your favorite booze for the Kahlua to create your own boozy hot cocoa!

Watch the web story here.

Medium Pot


Wooden Spoon or Silicon Spatula

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Whisking & Stirring & Drinking! You can do it!

Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa

Coconut Kahlua Hot Cocoa

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