Almost Affogato

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Almost AffogatoIt’s almost spring! It’s almost spring! It’s almost spring! Maybe not, but you can enjoy this Almost Affogato while you wait.

An Affogato is a delectable cross between drink and dessert. Yet another gift from Italy, it’s traditionally made by drowning a scoop of gelato in a shot of espresso, and if you’re lucky, a splash of booze.

This version is for those of us who don’t want espresso’s buzz but still want to enjoy a glass of rich, creamy, hot, cold and a buzz of another kind. Ice cream instead of gelato; hot chocolate in place of espresso. The splash of alcohol remains the same. It’s almost an affogato.

The variations on this delicious theme are endless. Ice cream flavor of your choice, liqueur of choice (or not if you’re serving it up to the kiddos).  Chocolate chips are optional, but the crunchy contrast is a nice touch. So if it must snow and winter must rage on, enjoy an Almost Affogato or two. It’s the perfect après-shovel treat.

Make sure your ice cream is firm. Soft ice cream won’t stand up to the warm hot chocolate.
Skip the liqueur for a kid-friendly version.
Mug or Cup
Scooping and Pouring!

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