Candy Coated Caramel Apple Slices

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Caramel Apple Slices

Nothing says fall more than apples and what better way to put fall’s bounty to good use than making these Candy Coated Caramel Apple Slices? I love a caramel coated Granny Smith apple – Honeycrisp would be equally delicious – but whenever I dig into a caramel apple I always feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. (Pun intended.) These Candy Coated Caramel Apple Slices give me my caramel apple fix without having to commit to eating the whole apple. Problem solved!

Peel, core and slice your apples, pop in a skewer, dip them in melted caramel and roll them into your favorite chopped candy. Chill and you’re done! These make an excellent treat and they’re so simple to make you can get the kids involved. They’re also a wonderful way to get rid of your Halloween candy surplus. So, grab some apples, a bag of caramels – I like Kraft – and your favorite candy and get to dipping!


Pat apple slices dry before dipping. The caramel won’t adhere well to wet slices.

Chop candy finely. Smaller pieces will stick to the caramel more easily.


Baking Sheet

Small Pot

Silicon Spatula

Wooden Skewers

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Melting and dipping!

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