Celery & Apple Salad / Almost Waldorf Salad

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Celery & Apple Salad

I could’ve called this Celery & Apple Salad an Almost Waldorf Salad. A handful each of raisins or grapes, some toasted, chopped walnuts and lemon juice instead of lime and Waldorf it would be. But sometimes it’s good to keep it simple and crunchy and that’s what this one’s all about. Tart Granny Smith apples and chopped celery, tossed together in a creamy marriage of mayo and Greek yogurt. A splash of lime juice and a sprinkling of dill and you’re done. Be sure to chop the celery leaves, as well. They have tons of flavor.

Peeling the apples is totally optional!! If you decide to skip peeling be sure to wash the apples thoroughly.

Don’t forget those celery leaves! Wash them well and enjoy the extra flavor they’ll add to your salad.

No Greek yogurt? No worries! Replace it with sour cream.

Medium Bowl


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Stirring. You got this!

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