Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a richer, creamier version of run-of-the-mill yogurt. I am not a lover of yogurt in general, but there’s something about silky, thick Greek yogurt that makes my tzataziki – and everything else – taste so much better. What separates Greek yogurt from regular yogurt is not that it’s produced in Greece, but the manner in which it’s made.

Yogurt is made by adding active cultures to milk that’s been heated. It’s then strained to get rid of excess liquid or whey. Regular yogurt is also strained, but Greek yogurt is strained numerous times to create a thicker, creamier yogurt.

There are also some health benefits related to Greek yogurt. By straining out the excess whey, Greek yogurt has fewer carbs, less sodium and sugar. It is typically higher in fat, though there are lower fat versions available. You can use Greek yogurt in recipes as you would regular yogurt.

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