Dandelion, Escarole & Sorrel – Salad Greens Worth Trying

1. Dandelion is one weed worth eating. It has long, thin leaves that grow on a thick, woody rib in the center of each branch. Smaller leaves are more tender and less bitter. Dandelion boasts more vitamins A and K, iron and calcium than broccoli. Use it alone or mixed with other milder greens to balance its slight bitterness.

2. Escarole is a type of endive with thick, fluffy leaves and a slightly bitter taste that’s much milder than standard endive. Its outer leaves are dark green with pale green or yellow leaves in the center. Escarole is high in vitamins A, k, folic acid and fiber. It has a big flavor, so start by adding just a few leaves into your standard salad mix.

3. Sorrel or sourgrass looks like spinach with similarly shaped and colored leaves. Smaller leaves have a tart, lemony flavor,  a slightly sour taste and lots of vitamins A & C.

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