Asparagus & Red Pepper Slaw

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Asparagus & Red Pepper SlawAsparagus and Red Pepper slaw is the recipe that signals to me that spring is here and here to stay!  Fashioned from paper-thin ribbons of fresh asparagus and red bell pepper, it makes a delicious bed for my Crab Cakes with Hollandaise Sauce, but it’s also a taste of heaven on it’s own or alongside fish or chicken. 

Shaving the asparagus and bell pepper takes a little time, but it’s well worth the effort. I love the subtle sweetness of a red bell pepper. It’s a nice contrast from the delicious bitterness of the asparagus. An orange or yellow bell pepper will work just as well. I’d avoid using green bell peppers, as their sharp flavor will conflict with the asparagus. The asparagus and peppers in this Asparagus and Red Pepper Slaw combine to create a dish that is a direct reflection of spring — crisp and refreshing.

You can — and should — make this ahead. It’s better the next day.


Rinse the asparagus and peppers well and be sure to dry them completely. Excess moisture will give you a soggy slaw.

Thicker asparagus spears will be easy to ribbon. If you’re using thinner spears, you may need to slice them thinly with a knife instead of using your vegetable peeler.


Vegetable Peeler

Medium Bowl


Small Bowl

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Making a vinaigrette.

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