How to Make a Hot Toddy

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Make a hot toddyLater this week, January 11th to be exact, the world will come together to celebrate National Hot Toddy Day. (Seriously, I want to be on the committee that makes these holidays up.) I’ve been so busy being sick (insert fake cough), recovering from all my holiday revelry, and drinking hot toddies that I failed to plan a formal celebration. So, here goes.

How to Make a Hot Toddy

A basic toddy is made with honey, lemon juice, boiling water and, the ingredient de resistance, booze. No Peach Schnapps or Creme de Menthe here, hot toddies are made with the hard stuff — whiskey, brandy, rum or even Scotch. There are a zillion (I counted) variations on the hot toddy theme. You can use hot tea instead of water, add slices of lemon for more lemony flavor or stir in spices to zip it up a bit.

Cinnamon, fresh ginger slices, cloves or crushed red pepper are all thought to add to your toddy’s throat-soothing effect. I happened to have a little crystallized ginger laying around so I added that for a spicier toddy.

The point of a hot toddy is to soothe your sore throat and help suppress your cough. I’m not sure they’re a cure-all for colds and sniffles but they definitely make you feel better. Now, let’s get together and start planning National It’s Five o-clock Somewhere Day!

Use freshly-squeezed lemon juice only. That stuff in the plastic lemon will. Not. Work.

Let your toddy cool slightly before drinking. Boiling water is HOT.

Citrus Reamer/Juicer

Small Pot Or Electric Kettle


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Boiling Water – You can do it!



  1. I’ve used this recipe several times for throat problems as well as for small mouth ulcers. It works very well.

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