Freeze summer produce

How To Freeze Summer Produce

Who knew that plastic freezer bags were the secret to holding on to the last, luscious flavors of summer? As the season fades and temperatures drop, you can stash a burst of summer flavor away […]

Check out my weekly recipe column for !                     Homemade Barbecue Sauce Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers Roasted Tomato Salad Pineapple Orange Banana Sorbet Lime Sweet Tea Chicken […]


Strawberry Tips & Recipes

We’re rounding out National Strawberry Month with a few strawberry tips and a round-up of our favorite strawberry recipes. 1. Look for strawberries that are plump, firm and a vibrant red. They should be blemish […]

How to Make Simple Syrup

How to Make Simple Syrup

So, you’re at a restaurant. It’s lunch time. You’re hot. You order iced tea. It arrives and you pour a couple of packets of sugar into your tea and stir and stir and stir and […]


Four Things You Should Know About Lemons

Lemons and their tart, refreshing flavor signal spring to me so we’re welcoming spring with a week’s worth of lemon-y recipes! I crave lemons all year long, but especially right about now when I’m more […]


Formal Dinner Party Courses

In the 20-plus years I’ve lived in the DC area, I have yet to be invited to a White House State Dinner. (There’s no apparent reason why I would be invited, but can’t I keep […]

Frozen Mimosa Float

Frozen Mimosa Float

A punch bowl full of colorful sherbet and ginger ale was a birthday party staple when I was a kid. It’s still perfect for a party — part drink, part dessert, part centerpiece. Replace the […]