Keep Cool with Three Easy Summer Sorbets

It’s summertime, which means temperatures are up and we’re all searching for a delicious way to cool down. What’s better than a refreshing, fruity bowl of sorbet? Absolutely nothing! Here are three easy summer sorbets to keep your summer chill factor at an all time high!

(P.S. Let me know which one’s your favorite!)

Three Easy Summer Sorbets

Acai-Berry Sorbet

What could be better than an antioxidant-laden sweet treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about? I’ve combined two berries with the highest antioxidant levels – acai and blueberries – in a wonderfully refreshing sorbet. You can find frozen acai berry pulp in the frozen fruit section of Whole Foods Market and other grocery stores. It comes in packets that are the perfect size for adding to your morning smoothie or your summer sorbet! It’s a cool treat you can feel good about.

Acai-Berry Sorbet | Easy Summer Sorbets

Peach Lemongrass Sorbet

Pie, cobbler and crisps are excellent ways to put perfect peaches to work but I love turning my peaches in to a refreshing sorbet. Add a little lemongrass into the mix and you’ve got a summer sorbet like no other! Lemongrass is a culinary chameleon of sorts. It has a bright, lemon-y smell but when added to food it has a floral, almost spicy taste. (Not caliente spicy, spice spicy.) It’s available at Asian supermarkets and many typical grocery stores. Look for it in the produce aisle.

Peach Lemongrass Sorbet | Easy Summer Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet

The process of making sorbet is so super simple you won’t even believe it! All you do is blend simple syrup – click here for a quick how to – with fresh or frozen fruit. Pop it into your ice cream machine and churn until it’s thickened. You can totally eat it immediately, soft serve style, but I like to stash it in the freezer for a few hours for a firmer consistency. I LOVELOVELOVE raspberries but swap in your favorite berries to create your own favorite treat.

Raspberry Sorbet | Easy Summer Sorbet

Stir simple syrup until sugar dissolves completely or you’ll end up with grainy sorbet.

Let your simple syrup cool completely before using. Adding hot liquids to your ice cream machine will prevent it from thickening properly.

Small Pot

Wooden Spoon or Silicon Spatula



Ice Cream Machine

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Making Sorbet

Making Simple Syrup


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