Grilling Game Changers Guide!

Grilling Game Changers - Chef Danielle's guide will help you make every BBQ special!

Nothing says summer fun more than firing up the grill! Whatever you’re grilling, I’ve got the tips, tools, techniques & recipes you need to up your grilling game. And guess what? They’re all ready and waiting for you in my brand spankin’ new…

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I’m sharing grilling tips to make you a better grillmaster, all the grill-specific tools you need, grilling techniques to make you look like a pro, and recipes that will transform your next bbq from good to great. My three burger sauces upgrade basic ketchup, mustard and mayo into fantastic sauces ready to dress up your burgers and dogs. They’re also great as sandwich spreads and French fry dips.

Grilling isn’t just for meat anymore. I’m teaching you how to get fresh fruit on the grill for my fabulous Grilled Peach Salad with Goat Cheese & Spinach and a tasty Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Mango Skewer with Balsamic Glaze that makes the perfect appetizer. Last, but not least, my Bowie Steak Seasoning rounds out your grilling game changers. Use it as a dry rub on your beef or chicken or mix a tablespoon or two into your burger mix to turn your hamburgers into something truly special.

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If you’re ready to try some fantastic grilling recipes grab a copy of my e-cookbook, The Best International Flavors You’re Not Grilling With: 30 Recipes for Rubs, Marinades & Sauces with Global Appeal.

Click Here to Get Your Grilling Game Changers Guide!

Grilling Game Changers - Tips, Tools, Techniques & Recipes to Up Your Grilling Game! Grilling Game Changers - Three Best Burger Sauces

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