How to Make Bowie Steak Seasoning from Scratch

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Steak seasoning from scratch

This steak seasoning is straight outta Bowie. Bowie, Maryland, that is. There’s none of that store bought Montreal Steak Seasoning in my kitchen. Well, yes, there is, but when I want something a little different I whisk up a batch of my Bowie Steak Seasoning from scratch, my personal blend of herbs and spices that makes my rib eyes and strip steaks sing! So, what’s up with spice rubs and why should you use them? Here’s the rub. (See what I did there?)

What are rubs?

Rubs are combinations of herbs, spices and other ingredients that are literally rubbed onto uncooked foods before cooking, usually grilling. Dry rubs contain only dry ingredients, while wet rubs are made with just enough oil or liquid to form a paste that’s applied the same way as a dry rub. Rubs form a delicious crust on meats and poultry when cooked. The crust seals in juices and makes sure each bite is full of flavor.

Bowie Steak Seasoning From Scratch

This rub is a delicious mix of spice, sweet and the hint of heat from the crushed red pepper flakes. I love the contrasting flavors in every bite. One of the great things above rubs is their flexibility. Want it spicy? Bump up the heat with more chili flakes or cayenne. You can swap out these herbs and spices for your favorites to create your own personal blend.

Steak seasoning from scratch TIPS:
If you’re worried your dried herbs have lost their flavor, wake them up by heating them in a dry saute pan over medium high heat just until aromatic.

Rub this seasoning liberally over meat or poultry before freezing it for added flavor.

Store your steak seasoning in an airtight container. It will last up to six months.



Airtight Container with Lid

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Whisking! You can do it!

Steak Seasining from Scratch

Steak seasoning from scrstch

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