How to Cut Corn Kernels off the Cob

Cut corn kernels

These last days of August might send everyone into back-to-school mode – including my peeps – but the calendar and the farm markets are still all summer. All the time. Yes, apples are starting to peep their way into our (reusable) shopping bags but our bae, corn, is still giving us plenty of good kernel. Speaking of kernels, how many times have you scored fresh corn from the market and got them home only to send those juicy kernels flying across your kitchen as you try to cut them from the cob? (Think about it. I’ll wait.)

Cut corn kernels

How to Cut Corn Kernels off the Cob

Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, a tip I’ve learned that I’m excited to share. I’m teaching you how to cut corn kernels from the cob without making a mess! Seriously. Just check out my (video) love letter to corn for the step-by-step!

Once you’ve cut those kernels, cook ’em up in this Shrimp & Corn Corn Chowder or check back next week for a seriously deliciously Chipotle Corn Maque Choux! Watch the web story here.

Cut corn kernels


Place a damp paper towel in the bottom of the large bowl. It will help keep the small bowl in place.

Rinse corn thoroughly before cutting. Dirt and tiny insects (ick!) can hide between the kernels.

Pat corn dry thoroughly after rinsing. Wet corn=slippery corn=cut fingers!


Large Bowl

Small Bowl

Sharp Knife

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Be Careful!

Cut corn kernels

Cut corn kernels

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