How to Keep Your Nonstick Pans Safe

Keep Nonstick Pans safeNonstick pans make life in the kitchen easier because they all but eliminate the worry of food sticking to the pan. Cooking with pans with nonstick coatings is perfectly safe, so long as you’re doing it properly. Follow these tips to keep nonstick pans safe in your kitchen.

1. Never heat nonstick pans to temperatures higher than 500° Fahrenheit. Any higher and nonstick coatings begin to break down and release fumes that could potentially be toxic.

2. Don’t heat empty nonstick pans. Empty pans heat faster, which means the 500° mark could come sooner than you think.

3. Never use metal utensils to stir or move food in a nonstick pan. Sharp, metal edges can potentially damage the nonstick coating, making it easy for pans to release harmful toxins.

4. Avoid cleaning nonstick pans with steel wool or other abrasives that might damage the nonstick coating.

5. Get rid of nonstick pans at the first signs of chipping or flaking.


Nonstick Pans

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Keep nonstick pans safe

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  1. Hi Danielle, love these tips! I also find that using nonstick cooking spray on nonstick pans is a no-no–they build up a sticky residue that inhibits their nonstick qualities.

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