How to Choose a Wine Glass

Choose a wine glass

If you’re like me, you like your wine in your glass, any glass. But if you’re looking to enjoy your vino to the fullest you’ll want to pay more attention to which glass you serve your wine in because, believe it or not, there’s more to choosing a wine glass than you might think. The shape of the glass can actually help enhance the taste and aroma of your wine.
Here’s what you should look for.

How to Choose a Wine Glass

Red Wine Glasses — Red wine is best served in a glass with a round, full shape and a wide mouth. The large bowl gives the wine more surface area, which means more of the wine comes into contact with air. As the wine aerates or breaths, it becomes more flavorful with a fuller bouquet or aroma.

White Wine Glasses — White wine glasses are more narrow in shape than red wine glasses.Their narrower shape keeps white wine’s delicate flavor and bouquet concentrated, making them easier to enjoy.

You can make things easier and choose an all-purpose wine glass that will work well with either red or white wines.

Champagne Flutes — Champagne flutes are tall and narrow, giving the champagne less surface space. Less surface space means fewer of those precious bubbles will be able to escape.

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