Four Ways to Cook with Maryland Wine

It’s Maryland Wine Week! If you’re in (or near) Maryland, look for a variety of wine events, dinners, restaurant specials and discounts on Maryland wines. You can get more information and a list of events and activities from the Maryland Wineries Association.

Maryland’s wine market is growing by leaps and bounds with 42 wineries open to the public. Maryland vineyards grow more than 700 acres of grapes across the state and sell more than a million bottles of wine each year. As wonderful as they are to drink, cooking with Maryland wines will give you another option for enjoying their delicious flavors. Here are four recipes that will benefit from a splash of Maryland wine.

1. RisottoDeglazing with a glug of white wine before adding your first ladle of chicken stock is standard operating procedure for making risotto.

2. French Onion Soup — A half cup of wine adds a subtle layer of flavor to this rich soup.

3. Shrimp Provencal — White wine, garlic, fresh tomatoes and basil are the base for this light shrimp and pasta dish.

4. Sabayon — This creamy, eggy, custard sauce is the place for a sweet, fruity Maryland wine.


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