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SmoutebollenCooking Clarified and KidCulture have teamed up to bring you a month of doughnuts! You’ll get recipes here and the background on all of the delicious doughnuts from around the world at KidCulture. Check back each weekday in April for doughnut facts & recipes.


Smoutebollen are Belgian doughnuts made with Belgian beer.

Smoutebollen are a traditional Christmas – or winter – treat in Belgium.

Don’t be turned off by the name, which in Flemish means “lard balls.” I can assure that no lard made its way into these delicious, beer-inflected donuts.

They can range in size from golf balls to tennis balls and are typically served dusted with powdered sugar.

You can fancy-up your smoutebollen by filling them with delicious ingredients such as chocolate or apple but plain is just perfect, too.


Make sure your milk’s warm and not hot! If it’s any warmer than 110-115F it can kill your yeast and your dough won’t rise.

Use a deep frying thermometer to get your oil to 375F. If it’s too hot, your doughnuts will disintegrate once they’re added. Not hot enough and your doughnuts won’t brown or cook properly and they’ll absorb the oil.

Small Bowl

Medium Bowl

Wooden Spoon

Large, heavy bottomed pan

Deep Frying Thermometer

Slotted Spoon

Baking Sheet

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Proofing Yeast

Deep Frying

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