How to Save Over Whipped Cream

Learning how to save over whipped cream is serious business. Seriously. Think about it. If you’re making whipped cream that means you’ve got something delicious waiting to dollop with said whipped cream. Whether it’s pie or cake or a spoon, you need your whipped cream and you need it fast. No time for delays here! So, if your mixer gets the best of you or you’re an overzealous whisker, you need to know this because the over whipping can happen in an instant, especially if you’re using a stand mixer. And while most people might toss cream that’s over whipped, I’m going to share the secret to bringing it back to life! 

How to Save Over Whipped Cream

Saving over whipped cream is easier than you might think! Properly-whipped cream should be smooth, light and airy. If your whipped cream has started to look curdled or thick and clumpy, all is not lost. To correct it and bring it back to its best self, simply add MORE heavy cream to your bowl and gently whisk it in. The extra cream will smooth out any clumps and lighten the whipped cream. 

Check out my video to learn how to save over whipped cream! Once you’ve saved your cream, dollop it here, here and here!


To smooth out your over whipped cream, add the heavy cream a tablespoon at a time.

Whip the added cream in with the mixer on low to incorporate it slowly. 


Mixer or Large Bowl


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How to Whip Cream


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