How to Fry an Egg

I’m celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday — it’s tomorrow — with a rhyme and a how-to!

“He can even sizzle sizzle.
He can do that, too,
like an egg in a frying pan.
How about you?”

…from Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? by Dr. Seuss

If it’s breakfast food you’re looking for,
Kiss cereal goodbye.
Pick up a pan. Turn on the stove
and grab an egg to fry!

Melt a little butter
in a pan on medium heat or
a spritz of non-stick spray
will also keep things nice and neat.

Add the eggs to the pan-
being careful is a must.
Broken yolks or whites that touch
and your frying is a bust!

Cook the eggs without stirring
’til the whites are nice and firm.
Three or four minutes tops
should be the proper term.

Take the eggs out of the pan
as just the edges start to brown.
Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and
a dash of pepper, freshly ground.

If perchance the whites are done
yet your yolks are still quite raw
place a lid upon the pan
for just a minute, then voila!

You’ll have eggs all nicely fried
to eat with toast and bacon, too!
Or have them for lunch on a bed of lettuce
then give credit where it’s due.

For you, my friend, have fried an egg –
a culinary feat!
Don’t forget to wash the dishes
and take the pan off the heat!

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