It’s Maryland Wine Week! If you’re in (or near) Maryland, look for a variety of wine events, dinners, restaurant specials and discounts on Maryland wines. You can get more information and a list of events and activities from the Maryland Wineries Association.

So, what do shortcakes have to do with wine? I recently developed a strawberry shortcake recipe for my weekly column at, soaking the berries in a Maryland wine. One of my in-house taste-testers complained that my shortcakes were really biscuits, not like the spongecake cups found in grocery stores near the fresh strawberries. So, who’s right?

We both are. The first shortcakes were sweetened biscuits with a crumbly texture. They’re similar in texture to British scones and called shortcakes because of the amount of shortening or butter used to make them. Shortcakes are cut in half horizontally then topped with fresh, macerated berries and whipped cream. In the U.S., individual spongecakes, often made with a small well in the center to hold the soaked berries, are also often referred to as shortcakes.

Check out my recipe for Tipsy Strawberry Shortcake made with Linganore Winecellar’s May wine on

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