Acai-Berry Sorbet | Easy Summer Sorbets

Keep Cool with Three Easy Summer Sorbets

It’s summertime, which means temperatures are up and we’re all searching for a delicious way to cool down. What’s better than a refreshing, fruity bowl of sorbet? Absolutely nothing! Here are three easy summer sorbets to […]

Acai-Berry Sorbet | Easy Summer Sorbets

Acai-Berry Sorbet

 Acai-Berry Sorbet What could be better than an antioxidant-laden sweet treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about? I’ve combined two berries with the highest antioxidant levels – acai and blueberries – in a […]


Formal Dinner Party Courses

In the 20-plus years I’ve lived in the DC area, I have yet to be invited to a White House State Dinner. (There’s no apparent reason why I would be invited, but can’t I keep […]


Frozen Mimosa Float

A punch bowl full of colorful sherbet and ginger ale was a birthday party staple when I was a kid. It’s still perfect for a party — part drink, part dessert, part centerpiece. Replace the […]