Drinksgiving – 5 Holiday Survival Cocktails

Bourbon and Ginger Drinksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving! A time to celebrate our good fortune and spend precious time with those who mean the most to us. As America settles at the Thanksgiving table this week, millions of families will come together in gratitude and harmony celebrating their untold devotion to one another over a bountiful feast. Parents, children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and in-laws will gleefully join hands around the holiday table and count their many blessings between gazes of adoration, respect and mutual admiration. It will be perfect.

Pomegranate Martini Drinksgiving
And then we all woke up! Who am I kidding? Thanksgiving, like any family gathering, will be a fabulous hot mess! Some aspect of the day will undoubtedly be forgotten, overlooked, or imperfect; and anger, resentment and a hearty serving of passive aggressiveness will surely grace the Thanksgiving table along with the turkey and dressing.


Cranberry Champagne Cocktail Drinksgiving
To help get you through it all, I’m giving you a new holiday – Drinksgiving, a celebration of the cocktails you’ll need to survive Thanksgiving with your family. Sweet, strong, hot, cold, fruity or tart – a Drinksgiving cocktail will satisfy whatever flavors your tastebuds crave and help calm your nerves when the-Thanksgiving-of-it-all starts to get the best of you. When your sister tries to get a rise out of you by playing food critic with every bite of the meal you prepared — no worries. #Drinksgiving. When Uncle Larry takes off his belt and unzips his pants at the table — whatever, because #Drinksgiving! When your brother and his new girlfriend go all Thanksgiving-and-Chill in your den — you’ll be cooler than Vanilla Ice thanks to #Drinksgiving.

Mulled Red Wine or Vin Chaud DrinksgivingApple Cider Rum Cocktail Drinksgiving









Whip up one, two or all five to serve with your Thanksgiving Day dinner. They’re simple, quick and easy on the palate. Click the pics for the recipes.

Here’s to family, food and #Drinksgiving! May your plates and your glasses be full.

Be sure to post pics of your #Drinksgiving!!

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