Sweet Potato Hash with Onion & Apple

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Sweet Potato HashThis recipe is excerpted from my e-book “I Can’t Even With Pumpkin Spice: 21 Recipes Celebrating the Real Flavors of Fall.” Order it here! 

I always get strange looks when I talk about this Sweet Potato Hash with Onion & Apple. Wrinkled brows brought on by the seemingly odd combination of ingredients or wide, questioning eyes at the idea of a hash. (Did you mean #hashtag? Um, no.) A hash is typically a dish of sauteed diced meat, potatoes and other vegetables. This one’s minus the meat with sweet potatoes replacing white or yellow potatoes. I developed it at the request of a local food bank interested in giving their clients ideas on how to use the most common items the bank distributed.

Sweet potatoes, onions and apple make strange pan-fellows on their own. Add mushrooms to the mix and it starts to sound like the ingredients in a mystery basket on a super tame episode of Chopped. But, when done properly, it works. It makes a wonderful side dish and is a most excellent way to use whatever’s left in your vegetable drawer before you lose it. It’s also ridiculously simple to prepare. Got a large, hot skillet? You are ready to hash it out!

Some things to remember when you’re cooking your hash. First, use a pan large enough to accommodate all of your veggies in one even layer. The minute the sweet potatoes end up on top of the mushrooms or vice versa, you’re in trouble. It’s important that your veggies all have room to spread out so that each once has a chance to come into direct contact with the bottom of your hot-hot-hot pan. That’s what you need to reach your goal — vegetables that are caramelized and brown but still hold their shape. Piling the veggies in a too small pan will result in more of a mush – soft, tasteless veggies – than a hash. It all goes back to these posts on Hot Pans and How to Saute. Check them out for hash(tag) #perfection.

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Use a large sauté pan that can accommodate all your ingredients in one even layer.

Cut all your veggies so they’re bout the same time so they’ll cook in about the same time.

Large Sauté Pan

Wooden Spoon

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Sweet potato hash

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