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Cornbread & Chorizo Stovetop Stuffing

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Stovetop stuffing doesn’t have to come from a box. I’m not hating on the boxed version I grew up on, but there’s something to be said about the depth of flavor that can only come from stuffing made from scratch. Seriously, you can make the most flavorful stovetop stuffing to accompany your Thanksgiving turkey from scratch in a matter of minutes! The best part – besides the fantastic taste – is you don’t need Thanksgiving’s most expensive real estate – oven space – to get it done.

All you need is cornbread, a few veggies and spicy chorizo sausage. Stale cornbread is even better but fresh cornbread toasted on a baking sheet until it’s golden brown and crunchy will work just fine. I happen to LOVE chorizo, a deeply spiced pork sausage commonly used in Latin and Spanish cuisines, but you can substitute your favorite sausage with equally tasty results. #sidesmatter

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Be sure to purchase raw chorizo sausage, not the cured chorizo popular in Spain.

Toasting the cornbread is important. If it’s soft it will come apart once you add it to the pan.

Large Sauté Pan

Wooden Spoon

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