How to Make a Smoothie: Cantaloupe Kale & Ginger Smoothie & Strawberry Banana & Spinach Smoothie

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Make a smoothie
Cantaloupe Kale & Ginger Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to get in a healthy breakfast or snack on the go. They’re nutrient rich and you can enjoy several servings of fruits and vegetables in one tasty drink.

I’m sharing a couple of my favorite smoothie recipes today but it’s simple to create your own. I like to stick to a simple Smoothie Formula:

1. one cup each of fruit and leafy greens

2. one cup of liquid (fruit juice, almond or soy milk, yogurt)

3. optional add-ins, to taste. (peeled fresh ginger, oatmeal, nuts, wheat germ or other grains).

Here are two of my favorite smoothie recipes. Check out the video below to see how simple they are to whip up. Feel free to tinker with them to make them your own.

Cantaloupe, Kale & Ginger Smoothie

I could have called this smoothie AC/GC because it’s chock full of Vitamins A and C, it features Ginger and Cantaloupe and it rocks!

Kale alone has more vitamin C than oranges and cantaloupe’s no slouch in the vitamin department either. One cup contains more than the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A.

I like my smoothies on the thicker side. The kale gives this one a little heft and the oatmeal, in addition to adding a fiber boost, thickens this one just enough. You can substitute apple juice for the white grape juice or swap the cantaloupe for honeydew.

Get time-saving tips for prepping your smoothies ahead of time here.


Make a smoothie

Strawberry, Spinach and Banana Smoothie

Tender spinach leaves blend perfectly into smoothies. It’s great for novice Smoothie-goers and kids. The sweetness of the strawberries combined with the banana make the spinach imperceptable, perfect for kids (like mine) who equate vegetables with pain.

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