Tips for the Perfect Cheeseburger

Not much beats a well-made cheeseburger — perfectly-cooked ground beef topped with gooey, melted cheese. Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect cheeseburger.

1.Think outside the individually-wrapped processed squares! Experiment with other cheeses that melt well, like fontina, mozzarella, or gruyere. Crumbly cheeses like feta and gorgonzola are also excellent choices.

2. Make sure your burger’s cooked through (to your liking) before adding the cheese. If you add it too early, the cheese will melt away and burn.

3. Give the cheese time to melt before serving your burgers. If you’re grilling, close the grill cover for about a minute after adding the cheese. The heat trapped inside will help melt the cheese. If you’re cooking your burgers on the stove top, cover the pan. (Use  a large bowl if your pan doesn’t have a lid.) For crumbly cheeses, sprinkle them over your burger as soon as you take them off the heat.

4. Chill your patties before cooking them. A short stint in the fridge (20-30 minutes) will help them hold their shape when cooked.

5. Flip your burgers only once and never press them down with a spatula or you’ll send all of burger’s flavorful juices right into the fire.


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