Sausage Grilling Tips, an iPhone app and a Recipe!

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There’s more to grilling than burgers and dogs! Sausages on the grill are a fantastic and easy way to create a quick and flavorful meal. Whether it’s kielbasa, smoked or bratwurst, sausage is made for the grill – perfect, flavor-filled bundles that grill up in a flash with no fuss. The cool thing about sausage is they’re already chock full of herbs, spices and other flavors so you can literally take them straight from the fridge to the grill with little to no preparation.

Sausage Grilling Tips

1. Grill sausages over indirect heat. Cooking them over a direct flame will cause the juices inside to boil, which will burst your casing and allow all those delicious juices to escape.

2. Cook sausages until they reach an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The meat inside should be fully cooked and no longer pink. I pull mine off the grill at about 155 degrees and let carryover cooking finish them off.

3. When you remove sausages from the grill, let them rest — without cutting them — for 5 to 10 minutes. Resting allows the juices, which are gently bubbling inside the sausage, to redistribute themselves away from the surface where they move during cooking. The juices will stay nicely tucked inside your sausage instead of in a pool on your cutting board.

Need more sausage inspiration? Check out Whole Foods’ new iPhone app. The EatItUpApp makes it easy to not only find the nearest Whole Foods Market, it’s also stuffed with all the latest on the mid-Atlantic stores’ Summer of Sausage (SOS) campaign. You get all the juicy details on Whole Foods’ line of fresh, market-made, all-natural sausages, as well as games, contests and, of course, fabulous sausage recipes.  The fun will continue when the Summer of Sausage comes to an end. The app will be updated to support all of the mid-Atlantic stores’ seasonal activities. Stay in the link by downloading the app for FREE here:

Sausage grilling

I’m taking the Maryland Buy Local Challenge this week by eating one thing every day produced by a Maryland farm and it’s not just about fresh produce. Maryland farms also produce wonderful meats, poultry and — you guessed it — sausages. Maryland’s farm markets frequently host local farms and companies who produce tasty sausages. Here are just a few to help you Buy Local this week:

Broom’s Bloom Dairy , Bel Air, MD
It’s Only Natural Farm, Nanjemoy, MD
Groff’s Content Farm , Rocky Ridge, MD
Waltz Family Farm, Smithsburg, MD
Simply Sausage , Landover, MD

Grill or Grill Pan

Large Bowl

Grill Tray


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Sausage grillingSausage grilling

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  1. Does anyone know how to contact It’s Only Natural Farm in Nanjemoy, MD? (listed in article above) They have no website that can be found, and both the phone number and email address listed in other sites is incorrect.

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