Grilled Cheddar & Green Apple Sandwiches

Grilled cheese was always my favorite as a kid, but back then it meant a slice of plastic-wrapped American cheese on white bread. These grilled cheese sandwiches make the most of the combination of sharp cheddar cheese and the tartness of thinly-sliced Granny Smith apples to create a heartier sandwich. This is more technique, than recipe. I’ve left off amounts so you can add as much or as little of cheese and apple as you’d like.

Makes 1 sandwich.

2 slices whole wheat bread

Thinly-sliced sharp cheddar cheese

Thinly-sliced Granny Smith apples

Softened butter

Preheat broiler. Lightly oil a small baking sheet with oil or non-stick cooking spray.

Brush one side of each slice of bread lightly with the softened butter. Place one slice of bread on your baking sheet, buttered side down. Arrange apple and cheese slices on bread. Top with second piece of bread, buttered side up, and place on baking sheet.

Place baking sheet on bottom rack of oven and cook until bread browns and cheese begins to melt, about 1 minute. (All broilers are not created equal. Keep a close watch on your sandwich to make sure it doesn’t burn.) Use a spatula to flip sandwich over and continue to cook until cheese is completely melted and bread is golden brown, about 45 seconds more.

Remove from oven; slice and serve.

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