How to Clean Leeks

How to Clean LeeksLeeks play dirty. Seriously dirty. They’re made up of many layers and nestled between each one you’ll likely find dirt.

Part of the onion family, leeks have the onion’s flavor, though not as sharp, and they get their good looks from the green onion. You’ll only want to eat the leek’s white and light green parts. Their crowning dark green leaves are too tough to enjoy.

How to Clean Leeks

To make sure the dirt doesn’t end up on your plate – that’ll be the mystery crunch in your dish – a simple rinse won’t do.

Slice or chop your leeks.  Drop them into a bowl of cold water. Give them a good shake to loosen the dirt.

Let them sit for a few minutes then use a slotted spoon to remove them. All the dirt and soil should have settled at the bottom of your bowl and your leeks should be squeaky clean.

Chef’s Knife
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Cutting Board

Medium Bowl

Slotted Spoon

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How to Clean Leeks

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