How to Peel Garlic

Place a single garlic clove on a cutting board with one FLAT SIDE DOWN, so it can’t roll away.

Place the blade of your knife on top of the clove, making sure the blade’s completely flat and parallel to the cutting board.

Bring your fist down hard onto the flattened knife blade.
The force will break open the clove, separating it from the skin so it slides right off. It will likely take a time or two for you to figure out the appropriate amount of pressure to put on the clove. You want to hit it hard enough to separate the skin, but your recipe may not call for smashed garlic, so you’ll still need it to maintain some semblance of its shape so you can chop, mince or slice it.
The most important thing to remember here is to MAKE SURE THE BLADE OF THE KNIFE IS FLAT!

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