What Sieves?

Strainer, sifter, sieve (pronounced like give with an ‘s’), whatever you call it, a sieve is an invaluable kitchen tool. Used to strain liquids or sift dry ingredients, a sieve is simply a mesh bowl with a handle attached. When foods are poured through a sieve, the mesh surface captures large pieces of food, separating them from the food that passes through.

The size of a sieve’s mesh surface determines its separating power. A larger mesh weave will allow larger pieces of food to pass through, while a finer weave will catch the tiniest particles.

Running food through a sieve creates smooth liquids and light, airy dry ingredients, which make them perfect for straining soups or sauces for a lump-free finish. You can also use them to sift or mix dry ingredients together. Always place a bowl under your sieve before using, just so you don’t lose your smooth.

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