Most cooks hear the word ‘whisk’ and immediately think whipped cream, but there’s more to whisks than you might think. The first whisks were thought to have been fashioned by tying several twigs together. From those humble beginnings we have today’s whisks, which are made of stainless steel, plastic and heat-resistant silicone.

Whisks are used to combine ingredients. They’re typically made of rounded wires held together by a handle. They make quick work of incorporating air into ingredients, hence their popularity for tasks like whipping cream and beating eggs. Whisks are also an excellent choice for smoothing out ingredients.

They come in a variety of sizes and in numerous shapes, the most popular of which are the balloon whisk, known for it’s teardrop shape, and the longer, thinner French whisk. In recipes, the word whisk can refer to either the utensil or the motion of vigorously moving back and forth.

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