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Technique Tip Sheets

Techniques are the building blocks of learning to cook confidently and my technique tip sheets will give you the guidance you need to master each one. From simple, straightforward instruction to helpful tips and links […]

How to saute

Crowd Control | Don’t Overcrowd Your Pan

There’s a scene in the movie Julie & Julia where Julie realizes she’s been cooking mushrooms the wrong way her entire life. This is not uncommon. Like most people, she’d been piling her pan high […]

How to sauté mushrooms

How to Sauté Perfectly Every Time

Learning  how to sauté will change your life in the kitchen. Sautéing is cooking food quickly at a high temperature in a small amount of oil — just enough to cover the bottom of the […]


Too Much of a Stir

I’ve seen cooks stand over a pan and stir or flip food with wild abandon, but there’s no need to move food constantly in order to feel (and look) busy. Put the spatula, wooden spoon […]