How to Deglaze

How to Deglaze

Deglazing is not as difficult as it sounds and no, it doesn’t involve hardwood floors or doughnuts. How to Deglaze Deglazing means adding a liquid to a pan and using a wooden spoon or a […]



I’d never heard of shallots until I went to cooking school. I’d passed them in the grocery store, but never gave them a second thought. A few weeks in, shallots had become the center of […]

How to sauté mushrooms

How to Sauté Perfectly Every Time

Learning  how to sauté will change your life in the kitchen. Sautéing is cooking food quickly at a high temperature in a small amount of oil — just enough to cover the bottom of the […]


Tips for Setting Up a Buffet

The delicious details are what separate a good party from a great one and an organized and pretty buffet table is one detail your guests won’t forget. If you’re hosting a buffet, setting the table […]