6 Showstopping Holiday  Desserts

These showstopping desserts will WOW your family and friends! Pick one or two to add to your holiday table.

Milky Way Cake

If you love Milky Way Bars you'll LOVE this cake! Candy bars are melted and mixed right into the batter!

No Bake Cranberry Cheesecake Jars

No Bake Cranberry Cheesecake Jars are the answer to your potluck prayers! Not only are they absolutely delicious but they’re simple to make and easy to transport and share.

Alsatian Apple Tart

This Alsatian Apple Tart is an apple lover’s dream!  It doesn’t get any better than apples baked in a creamy custard with a buttery crust.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Fondue 

Need an easy and festive dessert? Try this Toasted Coconut Chocolate Fondue. You'll be dipping in minutes!

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie 

Torn between sweet potato and pecan pie? Not any more. Sweet Potato Pecan Pie is a tasty combination of both — a creamy, sweet potato filling with a crisp, pecan topping.

Boozy Peach Cobbler

Canned peaches make this Boozy Peach Cobbler with Almonds a delicious possibility for your holiday table.