5 Tools Every Cook Should Have

If you’ve spent any time at all in kitchen supply stores or watched any of the scores of television commercials touting the latest and greatest kitchen gadgetry, you may have fallen victim to an advertising […]

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Fast Food Facts

Where does the fork go?

Here’s a simple rhyme to help you remember where your silverware goes when you set the table. The silverware had a fight. The knife and spoon were right and the fork left.


How to Peel Garlic

Place a single garlic clove on a cutting board with one FLAT SIDE DOWN, so it can’t roll away. Place the blade of your knife on top of the clove, making sure the blade’s completely […]

How to choose a knife

How to Choose a Chef’s Knife

Choosing a chef’s knife is an important decision in your kitchen journey. If you cook a lot – and I hope you do – your chef’s knife will fast become an extension of your chopping […]