Fast Food Facts

Where does the fork go?

Here’s a simple rhyme to help you remember where your silverware goes when you set the table. The silverware had a fight. The knife and spoon were right and the fork left.


Seasoned Flour

What is seasoned flour? No, it’s not flour that’s been weathered and tested. Seasoned flour is simply all-purpose flour with seasonings added. You’ve likely seen it as an ingredient in recipes where foods are first […]


How to Peel Garlic

Place a single garlic clove on a cutting board with one FLAT SIDE DOWN, so it can’t roll away. Place the blade of your knife on top of the clove, making sure the blade’s completely […]


How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken

Cutting up a whole chicken can be quite the scary proposition for the average cook. The truth is, like most things culinary, it’s not as difficult as it seems. All you need is a big […]


Too Much of a Stir

I’ve seen cooks stand over a pan and stir or flip food with wild abandon, but there’s no need to move food constantly in order to feel (and look) busy. Put the spatula, wooden spoon […]



And now for a fancy French cooking term that will boost your culinary street cred when dropped casually in conversation. Mirepoix (pronounced meer-uh-pwa) is a simple mix of coarsely chopped vegetables – onions, carrots and […]