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Grazing is my all time favorite way to eat any meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever. I’m all about platters overflowing with delicious nibbles, an abundance of tastes, flavors and textures. If you’re in my kitchen to share a meal, odds are there’s a board of some sort filled with finds from my pantry.

Here’s why. I can be a little noncommittal when it comes to deciding what to cook. Assembling a party board gives me options, lots of options. You and your guests can enjoy a little of this and a little of that, whatever blows your skirt up.

Boards save time. Most items are either made ahead or purchased prepared. I call this a pantry cheese board because it’s full of items I keep in my pantry or fridge. Add a homemade item or two to mix it up but you can assemble a fantabulous assortment of yummy bites in minutes using high quality products you love.

Boards are also a simple and relatively inexpensive way to feed a crowd. Three or four people? A large dinner plate will work. Double that and a large cutting board or serving platter will get the job done. More guests than that? Set out multiple boards! Easy peasy.

Easy Pantry Cheese Board

I like a blend of cheeses – hard and soft, charcuterie, fruit, dips or spreads and assorted crackers or bread to serve with but there’s no wrong way to do this. Gather your favorites, pile them up (or arrange them artfully) on your board or platter and you’re ready to go!

When it comes to assembling my Easy Pantry Cheese Board, I head straight to ALDI. Despite the chain’s no-frills reputation, their selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and all the tasty accompaniments is second to none. The fact that their prices are sometimes a mere fraction of what other stores charge is a bonus. My favorites and the items pictured here are listed below. There are no hard and fast rules here so you can swap out my faves for yours. The goal is a board overflowing with things you love to eat. Entertaining doesn’t have to be hard and this Easy Pantry Cheese Board and a quick trip to your nearest ALDI and your party’s off to a delicious start! Don’t forget to tag #cookingclarified when you post your party board!

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Mix it up with hard and soft cheeses so there’s something for everyone.

Slice cheeses so it’s easier for guests to serve themselves.

Throw in a little prosciutto or other charcuterie for variety.

You can use sliced breads instead of or in addition to crackers.

Plate, Cutting Board or Platter

Arranging your store bought treats on a board, platter or plate.

Easy Pantry Cheese Board

Serves 8-10


8 oz. Happy Farms Reserved Double Creme Brie Cheese, cut into wedges
10 oz. Specially Selected Aged Reserved White Cheddar, cut into slices
8 oz. Happy Farms Cheddar Jack Cubes
12 oz. Little Salad Bar Spinach & Artichoke Dip
8 oz. Appleton Farms Original Bite Size Dry Salami
Fruit, berries, strawberries, grapes, rinsed and patted dry
Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment and/or Sliced Baguette

Arrange items on your serving board, platter or plate, grouping ingredients together in piles or layers.


  1. This platter looks fantasticI am going to make it for Thanksgiving
    I went to Aldi’s today and bought several cheeses, prosciutto, dips and
    Great assortment of crackers, grapes and a fresh pineapple!
    I love Aldi’s❤️

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