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I am late to the smoothie bowl game, y’all. I didn’t understand what I was missing. I’m late, but now I’m hooked. I’m all smoothie bowls. All the time. Seriously, when I think about a snack, I think smoothie bowl. When I think about dessert (can’t even believe I’m typing this), I think about smoothie bowls. I’m gonna just leave that right there for a minute while I try to get over the shock. (Dear Sweets, I will NEVER leave you. You will always be BAE. I just need a little space to figure out how our new love triangle works because you, me and smoothie bowls are now a throuple.)

Smoothie Bowl 101

There’s something so delicious about your favorite frozen fruits (and vegetables, if you want to healthy it up) blended to the consistency of the healthiest soft-serve ever. As easy as they sound, you can mess a smoothie bowl up. Too much liquid and you have smoothie soup. Not enough liquid and your frozen fruit’s too thick to blend.

I have great luck with 2 cups frozen fruit and 1/3 cup liquid. I mix 1 cup each of ALDI’s Season’s Choice Frozen Berry Medley and Season’s Choice Frozen Mixed Fruit in this gem. They give me the perfect blend of berries and fruit that makes me feel like I’m at a health spa on a sunny Caribbean island, which is just what I’m craving this time of year. Coconut water is my favorite liquid but almond milk, yogurt, fruit juice will work, too. Frozen fruit will give your smoothie bowl the thick consistency it will need to hold all of the toppings you’re about to add.

Toppings are Tops!

Toppings are your chance to make sure your smoothie bowl is dense in nutrients, not just calories. I’m currently obsessed with coconut flakes and sliced almonds as my toppings of choice – I like a good crunch – but you can add a nutritional boost to your smoothie bowl by topping it with your favorite healthy bites.  Fresh fruit, nuts, chia seeds, avocado, granola, pumpkin seeds, and unsweetened coconut flakes are all excellent options.

You’ll need a top notch blender to get your smoothie bowl action on. The frozen fruit can be a challenge for a not-so-sturdy blender. I’m rocking my Ninja, which I LOVE, while I wait for the day when a Vitamix graces my countertop (PLEASE, Appliance Gods. I’ve been good!).

Smoothie bowls are definitely going to win Best All Around in my new (to me) food finds. I love that each bowl can be a totally new creation and that my smoothie bowl fills me up far more than my standard smoothie. I’m also a sucker for the contrasting textures of the smooth smoothie and the crunch of my favorite toppings. This is a snack I can feel good about!

Depending on the strength of your blender, it may take 1-2 minutes to process the fruit until it’s smooth. Be patient!

Resist the temptation to add more coconut water (or other liquid). Too much liquid and you’ll end up with smoothie soup.

Frozen fruit makes it easier to achieve that perfect soft serv consistency.



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Blending! (also known as pressing a button!)

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