How to Make Italian Dressing from Scratch

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Salad is a big deal in my kitchen. A BIG deal. I mean HUGE. It’s not unusual for dinner menus at Chez Turner to solely consist of some yummy salad like this, this or this. Not only are they quick and easy, but I can serve up the same mix of salad greens, veggies and a occasionally a protein without complaints from my peeps so long as I mix up the dressing. I make Italian Dressing from scratch ALL the time and it’s a favorite in our rotation.

Salad dressings, especially vinaigrettes, are a cinch to make and they’re better for you than the bottled stuff. Why? Because you’re in charge of your ingredients. There are no 15-syllable preservatives or additives in a homemade vinaigrette, just a few flavorful herbs, spices, an acid and the good fats found in good quality olive oil.

This Italian dressing will make you forget all about the bottled stuff (or that stuff in the packet) you’ve been eating. One taste and you’ll be all, “oh, Italian Dressing from scratch, where have you been all my life?” Now it can be all over everything – salads, marinating your chicken, brushed liberally on corn on the cob hot off the grill. Mix up a batch or a double batch and store it in an air tight container in the fridge for up to a week and you can have Italian Dressing from scratch anytime you like.

Extra virgin olive oil adds great flavor to the dressing so use one of good quality.

Like most things, this dressing tastes better the longer it sits. Make it ahead for maximum flavor.

Rewhisk your vinaigrette just before serving. The oil and vinegar will separate as the vinaigrette sits.

Medium bowl


Airtight container

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Making a vinaigrette

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